We are, all of us, defined by our stories. There are nearly 8 billion of them unfolding every day: people, lives lived. Knowing these stories is the stuff of our empathy, our hope, our ambitions. Our evolution. They give us all our consciousness, our soul. And we few are the ones who tell these stories.

Salt Lake Film Society’s MASt! announces its 2019 documentary contest, Micro-docs.

Entrants are encouraged to collaborate in groups, but may work alone, in producing micro-documentaries on subjects touching the history, reality, challenges, progress, and solutions to racism and inequality.


Video: All submissions must be a video documentary between approximately 5 and 15 minutes in length, at least 1080p in resolution (4k preferred), should be accurate, should be emotionally impactful but avoid hyperbole, should touch the history, reality, challenges, progress of, or potential solutions to, racism and inequality. Depicting emotionally difficult subject matter is in keeping with the spirit of the contest, but providing a ray of hope is highly encouraged. We’re looking to inspire people to betterment, and not inadvertently exacerbate hate.


Grand Prize Winner: A single Grand Prize Winner will be selected. A cash award of $2,000 USD will be divided among the group collaborators, along with complimentary enrollment (for up to 3 collaborators per winner) in all 2019 MASt! labs, masterclasses, and networking events.

Winners: Multiple Winners may be selected. A cash award of $200 will be given to each (divided among the group). (When the contest was announced, this tier was dubbed "Honorable Mention". We determined, however, that "Winner" was more in keeping with the spirit of the contest. A change in terminology was made, but the awards themselves were not altered.)

Awards will be announced on March 31st.


All submissions must be received before noon MST on 15 February, 2019. By popular demand following Sundance, the deadline has been extended to noon MST on 1 March, 2019. The deadline has now passed, and no further submissions are being accepted. Thanks to all those who participated!