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MAST is a media accelerator studio, a non-profit program of the Salt Lake Film Society that grows artists into artist entrepreneurs.
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  • 18 July 2022

    Ninety-five Senses at HollyShorts!

    MAST’s Animated Film Ninety-five Senses to Premiere at HollyShorts Film Festival in LA’s Chinese Theater.

  • 7 July 2021

    World Debut

    Cole Sax, one of our extraordinary fellows at MAST released his latest feature film this last week with YouTube Originals. It's a beautiful piece, a beacon for anyone into counter-cultural sports.

  • 02 February 2020

    Sundance 2020 Quick Takes

    I’m in the business of promoting filmmakers. I’m not a reviewer. But I'll offer these “quick takes” as a counterpoint to what you’re finding elsewhere.

  • 08 October 2019

    MAST Screens Festival-bound SECOND SIGHT

    Cole Sax completes his short film SECOND SIGHT, screens it at Broadway Centre Cinemas.

  • 06 August 2019

    Twenty-six Reasons to Avoid Foreign Pre-sales

    The other side, to counter-balance the wave of information, and sometimes misinformation.

  • 04 August 2019

    SIGGRAPH 2019: Compact, but still packs a punch

    This year's conference was small, but the Computer Animation Festival is still a must-see.

  • 19 April 2019

    Introducing the MAST 2019 Fellows

    MAST's 2019 cohort includes animation, documentary, and narrative filmmakers

  • 19 April 2019

    2019 Submissions Closed

    MAST's 2019 contest submissions draw to a close.

  • 31 March 2019

    2019 Contest Results

    MAST's 2019 contest results are in.

  • 17 December 2018

    Voices Seen Contest 2019

    Salt Lake Film Society’s MAST announces its 2019 animation contest, 'Voices Seen'.

  • 17 December 2018

    People of Earth Contest 2019

    Salt Lake Film Society’s MAST announces its 2019 writing and photography contest, 'People of Earth'.

  • 17 December 2018

    Micro-docs Contest 2019

    Salt Lake Film Society’s MAST announces its 2019 documentary contest, 'Micro-docs'.

The Program

In keeping with MAST's forward-thinking mission, our labs have covered topics ranging from personal branding, to distribution, to VFX, and 360/VR. All 2019 labs will be released online soon.


The MAST Fellowship is a curated program of labs, mentorships, pitch and networking events, production subsidizing, facility and equipment offerings, and sponsor matching.

Between 5 and 10 MAST Fellows will be selected by invitation, and from among the winners of the 2019 MAST contests, People of Earth, Micro-docs, and Voices Seen.