Hello, Monday

Hello, Monday

Her alarm cries. 6:35

Snoozed four times, she tried

A little more sleep, a little more energy?

But we slept 17 hours yesterday,

Are you okay?

She sits up only to lay back down

And everyone wonders

Honey, why are you so down



Downtown, work, you’ll be late again

But my thoughts are racing again

But my tears fell into my hands again

I mean into her hands

I mean into she, into me?

who am I, really?

Get dressed in the dark

Always dressed in my thoughts

I mean hers,

Please bear with us

We missed the train again

Rush hour

Rush, flower

We’re a little wilted

And I wish I was lifted

And its 8:37, late again, I told you

Can you feel that?

Anxiety attack

The breakfast of champions

Losing the race

Just trying to keep pace

How many hours til lunch,

What do you mean its 4:10?

She forgot to eat again?

Where did the time go—

Where did my mind go?

Doesn’t matter

Cause we’re just ready

To go

To sleep

To stand in front of the train

Felt the edge of the platform

Felt the edge of my mind

I can see the lights in the tunnel

It’s coming full speed

Don’t worry--

We didn’t do it

We never do.

Day light,

What exactly are you saving?

Not her, not me

Dark by 5

Sleep by 6

Up at 3

Depression hits

Dreaming in anxiety

Restless slumber

Pointless wonder

And just like clockwork

Her alarm cries. 6:35