MAST awards a 2019 Micro-docs Winner distinction to Salsa Mocajete", a film by An Dinh and Alhondra Lopez.

A young woman from Michoacan, Mexico shares her family's salsa recipe and reflects on the current political climate.

Salsa Molcajete transforms a few humble ingredients into a rich and singular taste handed down from mother to daughter. For Magali, an 18 y.o. Mexican immigrant, the taste transcends borders and time to empower her journey as a new American.

Dreams take flight and make us live. I’m from Moroleon Guanajuato, Mexico and I am 20 years old. I’m completing my last year at Salt Lake Community College after four years in the United States. I’m proud to say that despite the obstacles I face as a bilingual woman of color, part of my dream has finally come true. Film has a special place in my heart. I seek truth and beauty through it. This began as a dream and has evolved into career goal. I want to make movies that show the reality of our world and teach a way to change it. I believe that through small steps, anyone can build something bigger than themselves. My inspiration comes from my values, culture, and beliefs.

This movie isn’t about how to make Mexican salsa, it’s about a girl that has a story to tell. A heart that has to face ever-changing obstacles and overcoming society’s challenges. I hope everyone that watches this film empathizes with Magali and never gives up on their dreams because everybody has something of value.

— Alhondra Lopez, Director