At MAST, we believe we're all defined by our stories. So we kicked off our program in 2019 with a call for stories of various kinds: documentaries, animations, and the written word paired with photography. We could not be more pleased with the results. We're based in Salt Lake City, and many of our submissions came from locals, here. But we also saw submissions from as far off as Brazil, and Belarus. We saw a breathtaking diversity of story and contest—precisely what we'd hoped to see. The power or regional filmmaking is all about that, it's all in the variety of cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, and lifestyles that come to bear in writing and producing stories that make people think a little differently.

The decisions were difficult. But in the end, the judges made their selections. And the lineup of both finalists and award winners is formidable.

Voices Seen Finalists and Winners

Sea Haunt by KC Tobey — Grand Prize Winner

Navajo Tales: The Stars by Julia Berrio, Jared Mathews, and Dallin Penman — Grand Prize Winner

Me, By J-Money by Daniel Bruson — Grand Prize Winner

The Old Snake Fell Asleep On The Grass by Dominica Harrison — Grand Prize Winner

We'll Never Feel Bad Anymore by Michael Grover — Grand Prize Winner

68 Voices: Matlatzinca by Gabriella Badillo — Grand Prize Winner

Love or Something by David Scott Heath

Cup Of Coffee by Vallen Koscheev

Adam and the Octopus Club by Ian Joseph Johnston

Hip Hop Howls by Tim Rowberry

All of these are on available for viewing at MAST Small Screenings.

Micro-docs Finalists and Winners

Warrior by Cole Sax and Jacob Callaghan — Grand Prize Winner

Community Patrol by Andrew James — Winner

DACA-Mented by Moises Lemus — Winner

Salsa Molcajete by An Dinh and Alhondra Lopez — Winner

Faithful by Jenn Lee Smith and Dane Christensen

To Be Assimilated or Not by Jina Shih

Snowland by Jill Orschel

All of these are on available for viewing at MAST Small Screenings.

People of Earth Finalists and Winners

The Child's Palace by Allison Hong Merrill — Grand Prize Winner

Hello, Monday by Courtney Showers and Jasmine Pittman — Winner

Homeless by Hilary Packham — Winner

The Keeper by Jean Stinnett and Shawn Morrow

The Letter in the Book by Melissa Carton and Emily Bourne

Friends of the Street by Darby Biley

Reflections by Natalia Salama and Elena Homitch

All of these are on available for viewing at MAST Big Readings.

A profound thanks to all you artists who shared your work with us. We're building MAST for you, and we can't wait to see how you engage with the program long into the future.