A MAST nod to Nicolas Mrikhi's inventive game Exode.

If you could choose to work with any artist (past, present) from the animation business, who would it be and why?

Nicolas: Not exactly from the animation business, but I would have loved to work with the french comics artist Moebius. His work was a great inspiration to me and I would have been thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of his universe somehow. I really enjoy his take on science fiction / space opera, especially in the comic series The Incal, written by Jodorowsky.

Is there any advice you can give to an aspiring animation student or artist trying to get into the animation or gaming business?

Nicolas: You need to learn quickly to work within a team. You can be really good on your own but the industry is all about working with others. Animation schools that focus on group projects (like graduation films) are a great way to prepare yourself for the real work in the studios.

What inspired the theme of this piece, and how does it vary from your other work?

Nicolas: The theme behind this film is very universal and simple. It was inspired by the reality of the ecological stakes of our time, and their impact on the people. For a visual and mood standpoint, my main inspirations were the games Shadow of the Colossus and Journey, for their uniques art styles. We also took inspiration from sculptors like Giacometti and the world of Moebius as mentioned before. It varies from my other personal work as it was a team project, as everyone in the team contributed to the story and art style. It was also a one of a kind opportunity to work that intensely on a project as it was our sole occupation during the whole last year of school, weekends and nights often included.